• Mission Statement PageWe at St. Paul Catholic School, believe our mission as a ministry of Saint Paul Catholic Community, educates students spiritually, intellectually, physically, and morally to reach their full potential through Christ.
  • We believe that each student should be recognized and valued as a unique child of God in his/her social, emotional, and academic needs.
  • We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children.
  • We believe it is a joint responsibility to provide a safe, healthy, educational
    environment in order to promote learning and success.
  • We believe that mutual respect among and between the students and staff creates a wholesome learning environment.
  • We believe that the school’s programs should reflect the integration of Catholic faith and values in everyday life.
  • We believe that our school continually evaluates both its achievements and goals, seeking constant improvements in all areas.
  • We believe this allows us to continue to compete in a complex, rapidly changing global society.