Mr. Anderson left military activity duty in 1995 and entered the reserve force in the USAF for the next 6 years.  During the 6 years of reserve duty, he was called to activity duty 3 times.  His military service ended with his retirement from USAF in 2001 with 22 years of service.  After leaving active duty, he began teaching in the Nashville, TN School System, teaching high school mathematics, science and computer technology.  In 2000 he was selected Teacher of the Year.  He retired from teaching in 2004 and moved with his wife, Shari, to Leesburg, FL and became a part of the Saint Paul Catholic Community.  Mr. Anderson is a 1968 graduate of Drake University receiving a BS Degree majoring in mathematics with a minor in science.  He received a Masters Degree from Trevecca University in 1998.  In 1986 , he enrolled at Wisconsin State University as a part time student for 2 years studying computer programming.  His hobbies include camping with his wife in their RV, hunting, fishing, and flying.