2nd Grade Homeroom

Suzanne Pepping started her Catholic  teaching career in first grade at St. Edward school in Indiana.  After staying home to raise her 2 young children, she taught kindergarten at St. Mary School in Park Forest, Illinois  and preschool at St. John the Baptist in Winfield, Illinois.  With a desire  to learn more current teaching strategies,   Suzanne went onto graduate school to receive additional teaching endorsements in early childhood education, special education, and English as a second language. After having taught in the Catholic schools for 25 years, Suzanne wanted to work as an English as a second language teacher.  Using her new teaching credentials, she was offered a position  in the Illinois  public schools  as an English as a second language specialist in grades preschool through grade 5.  Suzanne moved to Florida in the summer of 2016 and began substitute teaching at St. Paul hoping to return full time to the Catholic schools that she loved. She was very grateful to have been offered a second grade teaching position in November of 2016.   The staff, students, and families have been very welcoming and she is certain that she will continue to enjoy this remarkable school.