Why St. Paul

We are a family. This is truly a school that cares. We care about creating a positive learning environment for your child. We recognize each child’s individual needs.

We provide an excellent education to each and every child. Each child is challenged to grow not only in basic skills, but also in critical thinking and decision making skills.

We are a faith based learning institution. In addition to many high quality academic and extra-curricular resources, St. Paul Catholic School has a Catholic character in everything that happens at the school. The beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church are a critical part of our school. The Catholic identity of the school has been evident throughout its history by intimate and direct contact with the parish.

Like the daily habits of the Catholic saints, prayer is an integral part of our school day. The Catholic character of the school is evident through the faith-centered and family-like approach of how the school day unfolds. Prayer permeates the entire school day, with morning prayers at assembly, grace before meals, end of the day prayers, and Weekly Mass. Prayer always takes an intentional and explicitly central role, as it always has in places where the best and the brightest minds of Catholicism have grown and thrive.

We welcome you to visit St. Paul Catholic School so you can learn, first-hand, of the quality education our students are receiving. If you would like to learn more about our school or take a tour of our facilities, please call our office at 352-787-4657.