Elementary School (grades 1 – 5)

Elementary (grades 1-5) are primarily self-contained. Emphasis is placed on the child’s need to develop good organizational skills and study habits that will facilitate future success in school. Throughout the year, a variety of activities and curriculum-related field trips are incorporated to ensure growth, responsibility and self control, with a focus on Christian formation.

Language Arts Daily
Math Daily
Science Daily
Social Studies Daily
Religion Daily
Music Classes held twice per week
P.E. Classes held twice per week
Art Classes held once per week
Technology Classes held once per week
Library Classes held once per week
Spanish Classes held twice per week


Middle School (grades 6 – 8)

Middle School (grades 6-8) commits itself to recognizing early adolescence as a unique period in the lives of students. We strive to create a program that provides a supportive environment which fosters educational achievement while providing for physical social and spiritual growth. Middle school students observe their own departmentalized schedule with teachers certified in specialized content areas. Students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences, thereby encouraging development of the whole child and providing opportunity for success and preparation for high school.

Language Arts Daily
Math Daily, Advanced math for selected 6-8
Science Daily (Earth/Space; Life Science; Chemistry/Physics)
Social Studies Daily (Civilizations; Geography; U.S.History)
Religion Daily (Old Testament; New Testament; Morality)
Music Varies based on schedule
P.E. Classes held twice per week
Art Varies based on schedule
Technology Varies based on schedule
Spanish Classes held twice per week
Tutoring After school twice per week