• We fully integrate technology into the classrooms and curriculum starting from our preschoolers thru 8th grade. Our middle school students are provided with school owned iPads using the latest available technology to further their knowledge and understanding of the learning experience.
  • We have iPads and computers available to our elementary students in each classroom. A mobile computer lab with laptop computers is available for whole-class instruction.
  • We have a publishing center available for student use that houses state of the art desk top computers and color printers.
  • Each classroom has a state-of-the-art smart board for interactive technology and a Swivl unit to enhance online learning.
  • To provide the safest Internet experience possible, the computers block and filter the Internet. These filters are customized to the specific requirements of the school and are updated regularly.
  • Through RenWeb, the teachers post electronic grades for students in 3rd-8th grades providing parents/guardians with web-based, real-time access to their children’s grades. This allows parents to see EACH grade for any given lesson or subject matter the moment it has been entered into the system.
  • Parents are encouraged to maintain email contact with the faculty members, who offer a 24-hour response on any email received.