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  • Our state of the art technology is fully integrated into the classrooms and curriculum starting from our preschoolers thru 8th grade. Our middle school students are provided with school owned I-pads using the latest available technology to further their knowledge and understanding of the learning experience.
  • We have computers available to our elementary students in each classroom. A mobile computer lab with laptop computers is available for whole-class instruction. These computers run software used for creating student projects and co-curricular software for enhanced learning as well as providing Internet access.
  • We have a publishing center available for student use that houses state of the art desk top computers, a color laser printer, and a wireless access point enabling Internet use in the classrooms.
  • To provide the safest Internet experience possible, the computers block and filter the Internet. These filters are customized to the specific requirements of the school and are updated regularly.
  • Our teachers are responsible for maintaining a Rediker page on which homework, announcements and handouts are posted in a timely manner, eliminating the problem of “forgetting agenda’s” or losing papers.
  • Through Rediker the teacher’s post electronic grades for students in grade 3-8 providing parents/guardians with web-based, real-time access to their children’s grades. This allows parents to see EACH grade for any given lesson or subject matter the moment it has been entered into the system.
  • Parents are encouraged to maintain e-mail contact with the faculty members, who offer a 24-hour response on any e-mail received.

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