Q. Where do I get school uniforms?

A. Risse Brothers, 100 Candence Dr, Suite 120, Maitland, Florida 32751, 407-339-1486.  Orders can be placed online at www.Rissebrothers.com. They will come to the school at least twice a year so you can purchase on site.

The used uniform sale occurs at the end of the summer usually a week before school starts.

Remaining used uniforms are available for purchase at a discounted price year round through the school office.

Q. Do students ever get out-of-uniform days?

A. There are occasions when students have the opportunity to earn an out-of-uniform pass or the school holds an out-of-uniform day,

Q. What school supplies will my child need?

A. Grade-specific school supply lists are available on the school website and in the office.

Q. When can new families register for the upcoming school year?

A. New families can register during Catholic School Week at the end of January.

Q. Does St. Paul’s School have a preschool program?

A. Yes, we offer a 3 year-old preschool and 4 year-old preschool (VPK).

Q. Is financial aid available?

A. Yes, starting in Kindergarten. For more information, please contact Michele Pinder at 352-787-4657.

FACTS Grant and Aid is used by the Diocese of Orlando and St. Paul’s Catholic School to evaluate school families.  The process for financial aid begins with the required online application at www.factstuitionaid.com.   All applications and supporting paperwork for the 2014-2015 school year must be submitted and verified by the April 15, 2014 deadline for consideration.  Applications should be made as soon as possible to ensure that this deadline is met.

Families must apply each year in order to be considered.  All determinations are based a financial aid analysis based on the grant and aid application from FACTS Grant and Aid (www.factstuitionaid.com) .   Families are encouraged to complete this application in January, and must submit all required support documentation by the March 1, 2014 deadline to be considered.

Grant notification letters are mailed by the beginning of May.


School Involvement Questions

Q. Can I work in my child’s classroom?

A. Yes, parents who have completed the Safe Environment Training program and a background check (fingerprinted through the Diocese of Orlando) are welcome to volunteer at school. Teachers will coordinate classroom help.

Q. What other ways can I help at school?

A. Parent volunteers who have completed the Safe Environment Training program and a background check (fingerprinted through the Diocese of Orlando), are needed during school hours to help in a variety of ways, such as in the nurse’s office, library, in the cafeteria at lunch, and on special projects during the school year. For a list of opportunities, see the Volunteer Opportunities list on the school website

Q. How can I be involved outside of school hours?

A. There are many volunteer opportunities with flexible hours, in the evenings and on weekends. Parents are needed as coaches for sports teams, scout leaders, PTO, School Board, committees, Golf and Gala Auction committees, Spaghetti dinner event, staff appreciation, and Catholic Schools Week celebrations. For a list of opportunities, see the Volunteer Opportunities list.

Q. When are school masses held?

A. School masses are held Friday mornings and on Holy Days at 8:30 a.m.  Parents are welcome to attend mass with their children.

Q. Can I sit with my child at school mass?

A. Yes, parents are able to sit with their children and their class.

Q. How can I stay informed on all the current events at school?

A. St. Paul’s School sends out a Friday newsletter from the principal with information relating to the various activities happening for the week. You can access the yearly calendar on the school website.


School Curriculum Questions

Q. How do I contact my child’s teacher?

A. Teachers can be contacted by e-mail or by leaving a message with the school office. Teacher e-mail addresses can be found in the school directory.

Q. How much homework is expected per night at each grade level? On average, 10 minutes per grade per night is expected.

A.       Kindergarten Practice
1st Grade 10 minutes
2nd Grade 20 minutes
3rd Grade 30 minutes
4th Grade 40 minutes
5th Grade 50 minutes
6th Grade 60 minutes
7th Grade 70 minutes
8th Grade 80 minutes


Q. What standardized testing methods does St. Paul’s School and the Diocese of Orlando use?

A. For Grades 2-8, St Paul’s Catholic School uses the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) assessments. These scores are intended to be used for curriculum planning and decisions on a student’s individual programming. Our school finds these results very important and we are proud of the fine job that our students do.  The Diocese of Orlando does not post scores by individual school but rather by the county.

Q. Do parents have the ability to get information on their child’s work so they can follow along and keep up with what they are working on and how they are doing?

A.  Parents can view this online grading information through Rediker (Plus Portal) our online web system. Parents are given username and passwords information at the beginning of the school year.

Q. What sports and activities are available?

A. Students in grades 5 and above can participate in volleyball (girls, Fall), basketball (boys and girls, Winter), cheerleading (girls, Winter- grades 3-8), track (co-ed, Spring), and softball (co-ed, Spring).

After-school activities include Math Club, BETA Club, Student Council, art classes, drama and tutoring, Mad Science, MAYS Orchestra is offered by an outside organization using our school facilities.  Orchestra lessons are offered during the school day.

Also students in grades K – 5 have the opportunity to participate in an after school Sports club throughout the year.  PTO organizes the club, sports and parent coaches.


Lunch/Snacks Questions

Q. How do I order hot lunch for my child?

A. Lunches can be ordered through an online program called boonli.com (School code SPS380).  Calendars are available by the quarter.  Lunches are ordered monthly or weekly by  3: 00 PM the Wednesday the week before.

Q. Can my student pack a lunch and buy milk at school?

A. Yes, milk is available and can be purchased daily, weekly, monthly or for the entire year.


Inclement Weather/School Closings Questions

Q. Do we conduct fire drills and emergency evacuation procedures?

A. Yes. Regular fire drills are required by state law and are conducted monthly.  Tornado, emergency, severe weather and lockdown drills are also held.  Safety and emergency exits are posted and explained to students.


Q. How can I find out if school is closed due to the weather?

A.   If it becomes necessary to close school due to an emergency or impending hurricane, it will be broadcast from the following TV stations:

WKMG channel 6

WFTV channel 9

WESH channel 11

If it is announced that all schools in Lake County are closed, then St. Paul is also closed. Parents will also receive a “voice reach” telephone message from the principal regarding closing and openings.