Uniform Policy

Why are students required to wear uniforms?

One of the primary purposes of the Catholic school is to teach Catholic values. The school uniform is an observable sign in the school and in the public forum of the values being taught in our schools. The Catholic school uniform is designed to be modest and appropriate, irrespective of current fashion trends and styles. The school uniform shall be worn in a way that is consistent with professional dress in a respected business or occupation. Students should appear neat and well-kept when representing their Catholic school in their uniform. The school uniform shall be worn in a way that reflects the Christian principles taught in our schools.

Part of each child’s growth process is learning to take pride in their appearance and dress properly: hence cleanliness and proper grooming are expected of every student, kindergarten through grade eight at St. Paul Catholic School. School uniforms allow students to:

  • Limit distractions, thereby, increase their academic focus
  • Contribute to a more formal learning environment
  • Help reduce negative peer pressure and the concern over “fitting in”
  • Ensure that students’ attire is modest and in line with Catholic beliefs.

All students are to arrive on campus properly dressed. Shirts must be tucked in completely with belts in place.

Part of each child’s growth process is learning to dress appropriately hence; cleanliness and proper grooming are expected of every student.  Uniforms are to be purchased from:

Risse Brothers


School uniforms, excluding shoes, socks and belts, must be ordered through Risse Brothers. This means other department store brands are NOT acceptable. We ask your cooperation in supporting all requirements of the school dress code, which is in effect from the first day of school. Risse Brothers visits the school periodically, and uniforms may be purchased on these days.

Daily school wide uniform inspections will be conducted by school personnel. Parents will be notified of infractions. Repeated infractions will result in detention.


Uniform Violations

Students who violate these standards will be subject to the following consequences:

  1. On the first offense, the student and parent will be notified via a note home and phone call on the day of the infraction.
  2. The second uniform violation will result in a phone call to the parent. The parent or guardian must immediately rectify the situation or pick the student up from school. The student will remain out of class until the violation is resolved.
  3. A long-pants and long-sleeve uniform alternative should be developed and required for boys and girls who consistently violate the school uniform policy.

Lost and Found

Please mark all the student’s clothes and belongings, especially school jackets and sweaters. Unclaimed articles will be put in the uniform storage area located in the Administration building and if not claimed given to the needy.