Hurricane Update: Tuesday 4:05 pm
The Diocese of Orlando has updated the school closures throughout the diocese. St. Paul Catholic School will now be closed Wednesday – Friday. It has been suggested that we use Friday to assess our situation after the storm. We will resume classes on Monday, Oct. 3, pending our situation. All of our families will be in our prayers. Be safe and take care!
Lake County: Citizens Information Line has opened and will be available for calls at 352-253-9999 from 7AM – 7PM daily throughout the emergency activation.

Monday 2:35 pm
The Diocese of Orlando has been in contact with all the schools. Mr. Fortier, our Superintendent, has suggested we continue with school tomorrow. Our schools are not used for shelters; therefore, we can continue with our regular schedule tomorrow. Saint Paul Catholic School and Church campus will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday at 8:30 am
Many of you were asking about the Lake County School closings this morning. Please know that they are closing early because they use their schools for shelters. We will not need that time to prepare. The Diocese of Orlando Office of Schools is meeting this morning and will have some directive for our Catholic schools later today. Please be on the lookout for emails with updates.